Jurisdictional Sunday School Department

Pastor Adolphus White


Dr. Jeanette Donald
Field Representative


MISSION STATEMENT: The International Sunday School Department serves as the biblical education vehicle for assisting the Church to fulfill the Great Commission.  This includes training the local, district, jurisdictional and national membership in the areas of in-reach, outreach, action and application of the biblical principles in daily living.


“A child saved is a soul saved, plus a life.”

“If you don’t know your Bible, you need the Sunday School; if you know your Bible, the Sunday School needs you!”


  • Superintendent

  • Assistant Superintendent (if necessary)

  • Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • Teachers (Primary, Kindergarten, Juniors, Junior High, Senior High, Adults)

Louisiana East First Jurisdiction

Address: 8930 Plank Rd

Baton Rouge, LA 70811

(225) 356-1443 Bishop’s Office

(225) 573-7188 Jurisdictional Secretary

Web: www.laeastfirst.org


Bishop Alphonso Denson, Sr.
Jurisdictional Prelate

Mother Dorothy J. Richardson 
Supervisor of Women

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