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Louisiana East First Jurisdiction

We exist to provide structure for the outreach efforts of the Church of God in Christ

Our desire is to reach generations by developing strong leaders, planting powerful churches, intense bible training, global outreach, aid, and sharing the good news of Jesus Christ here and abroad to all who will receive. Consider supporting this ministry and organization. Learn more about what we do and how you can help. Our evangelism efforts include the following:

  • Provide Structure for Outreach Efforts

  • Train Ministers to Become Evangelists

  • Create an Evangelistic Revival Plan

  • Recruit Ministers to Reach our Youth

  • Establish a Networking Resource

  • Offer Support to Local Churches

  • Catapult Thousands Into Repentance

  • Save Lost Souls Around the World


You can contribute to the Global Impact of Local Churches and Ministries!

Your support and partnership with Louisiana East First Jurisdiction will help us continue to offer

the programs, ministries, conferences, individual aid and resources necessary for true global outreach!

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